The Kronicles


  • A New Sport for the Modern Athlete

    Kronum was invented by Villanova, PA native Bill Gibson in early 2006, with the purpose of combining elements of some of the most popular sports in the world on to one field. The intent is to make Kronum a new sport for the modern athlete, allowing for a full display of human athleticism. In addition, Kronum’s mission is to connect the athletes and fans around the world on the web so together, we can co-create and evolve the game of Kronum.

  • The Original Kronum Ball

    Being that Kronum is a sort of omni-sport, Gibson realizes that Kronum requires its own ball. In Kronum, the ball is to be dribbled as in basketball, thrown as in handball, and kicked as in soccer. The ball has to be some kind of omni-ball that could perform as required. In addition, the ball has to fit the athlete, and careful attention is placed on the size, weight, texture and balance. Ultimately, Gibson decides that the original Kronum ball should have a circumference of 26in (66.04cm), made up of two interlocking panels that distributed the seam somewhat evenly around the ball for optimal grip and footwork.

  • Kronum Goal Development

    To provide different methods of scoring, Gibson develops the Kronum goal that consists of two main regions; the main area of the goal is called the Chamber and the structure atop the Chamber is called the Crown. The original Crown is made up of (5) 18″ diameter openings called Crown Rings. Scores through the Crown Rings double the point value for scores, dictated by the shooter’s location on the Kronum Round when the ball is shot.

  • Playing in “The Pit”

    Finally, it is time to “Take the Field” and bring the concept of Kronum to life. Testing begins on a large open area on Gibson’s family estate in Villanova, PA. This area, now known as “the pit,” is where Gibson lays down the lines to the the first Kronum quadrant. From there, Gibson invites several local college students to test his idea on the field. These athletes, now known as the “Founding Fathers” are the first individuals to play Kronum in it’s most original form and help lay the foundation for the future of the sport. Players from various sports backgrounds come together and test everything from the methods of handling the ball, to the level of physicality, and everything in between.

  • The First Kronum Field

    After months of testing Kronum on a single quadrant, Gibson is confident enough to create an official Kronum field to play the game on a large scale. The perfect location for the first Kronum field is not far from “the pit” in Villanova, PA, located only ten minutes away in Newtown Square, PA at Gable Park. A large open area in the park is renovated to house the original, 70-yard diameter turf Kronum Round. The field is open to the public, as athletes from the community are encouraged to watch and participate in Kronum.

  • The First Official Kronum Game

    After several weeks of trial games, the first ever Kronum game is played on a bitter cold, fall day in November of 2008. The game is played between the first two teams; the Spell Casters and the Ring Lords. In celebration of this game, each year, Kronum holds an Anniversary Kronum Tournament to remember the game’s beginning.

  • The “K2” Kronum Ball

    From start to finish, the process of developing the second official Kronum ball took one year. To improve the structure, performance, and consistency of the ball, the quality of the inner bladder is improved to a nylon wound high-caliber latex. To improve handling, feel, and flight the ball’s seam are redesigned to evenly distribute the weight of the ball.

  • Downsizing the Kronum Field

    After playing on a 70-yard, outdoor turf field for two years, it is decided that a smaller diameter field would promote faster gameplay and stronger offensive and defensive rotations. The official size of a regulation Kronum field is 50-yards. The first 50-yard field is located at Maple Zone Sports complex in Boothwyn, PA, where Kronum League seasons three and four would eventually be played.

  • Flex Zone Scoring and Shot Blocking

    After gathering data from Kronum League seasons one and two, it is determined that Flex Zone shots to the chamber are the most popular shots in Kronum. Originally, the points awarded for this type of score are (3) points in the Chamber and (6) points through the rings. To match the point value with the level of difficulty of these shots, scoring is changed so that point values are now (2) points to the Chamber and (4) points through the rings.

    In addition, in order to promote better defense and more footplay, shot blocking on defense is now allowed. Defensive players can now use their entire bodies to block shots.